Porsche 356 Convertible D
The story behind my Porsche 356 Convertible D


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Why I opt for my colour scheme


356 convertible porsche hood





Well it all started when I first saw this picture on the top left.

I spent ages trying to track it down and eventually it seems that this car is an old picture of an original 356.

I don't actually know what model it is but it is not a D I don't think.

Anyway I like the colour and decided this would be what I base my car on.

The trouble was that this colour was pretty much a candy colour or a three stage paint (that gave it its depth) and I could not find it anywhere.

A friend of mine had a Honda fire blade which had a good colour match but you cannot use 3 stage paint on a car. Why? Well its ok on a bike if you get a scratch, you simply remove the fairing or tank and get it all sprayed. On a car you can't really get the whole thing sprayed unless you have got stupid amounts of money to burn. But then along came Ford with a range of new colours for the Ka.

The colour on my car is Ford Ka electric currant red (I'm writing this but I genuinely will need to check that, I looked at so many colours!) And so I got my kit colour.

Everyone told me the colour was too modern for the car but it came together quite well and looks perfect in my opinion and isn't the normal colour.

Hood wise I wanted a ivory or off white hood but this is nigh on impossible to achieve. Brilliant white is the closest match which isn't such a good idea for UK weather conditions, it would look dirty and crap in no time at all so I opted for black (yeah I know, quite the opposite) but it will look better for longer.

To get the effect of cream when the hood is down and to match my seats I had a hood cover made that matched my seats, ivory.

This way it looks ok down and when its up no one would notice anyway. Most hoods have a bow at the back and then are stretched across to the windowscreen but Convertible Ds had a nice bow to them that looks better.

Mike at Speedstars came up with a brilliant idea and modified the hood to have a better ridge in it and the end result is this the picture above right which I think looks much better.

We won't mention the weld splat that landed on the seat cushion :-)

Final completed car pics are now uploaded


Porsche 356 Convertible D
The story behind my Porsche 356 Convertible D